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Common treatment areas include- Anxiety, stress, depression,  ADHD, mood disorders, trauma, family conflict, relational problems, attachment, children’s behavioral concerns, parenting, communication repairs, self esteem, obsessive compulsive disorder and addiction/substance abuse

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Individual, couples and family counseling 

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Addiction and substance abuse counseling

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Medication management 

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Now offering Brainspotting

Brainspotting is a body and brain based modality, allowing clients to lean in to their somatic experiences as part of the healing journey. We’ve all recognized that the body will hold on to experiences/emotions when it is unable to fully process them. Brainspotting helps to dislodge those emotions/experiences and allows the body to naturally process them in a safe and contained way. Those who engage in this therapy can benefit from decreased distress when thinking about the emotion/event they have experienced, as well as increased mood, increased sleep quality, and improved emotional regulation amongst other benefits.

The ideal client for Brainspotting is an adult (18+) that is in search of processing a history of trauma (complex/intergenerational/otherwise.), attachment issues or challenging relationship dynamics, overwhelming anxieties, addiction, or someone who desires to connect more fully with self/others. This person could already have insight of their own somatic experiences or be open to tuning into their physical sensations throughout the sessions.

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